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personal coach

your values
and business coach

value coaching
at eye level

“I will accompany you to the edge of your comfort zone, where your personal growth begins”

How does coaching work

At the very beginning is our meeting, in which we get to know each other for the first time. It’s about building relationships, about mutual understanding of who the other is, about trust, about goals and expectations and roughly your concerns and, finally, the crucial question: can we both imagine working together.

Then the actual coaching process begins, which is (roughly) divided into the following areas: start (framework and relationship), order clarification I (concerns and system), order clarification II (overall and daily goal), intervention (method), transfer, commitment, Eco check and conclusion.

As a trained coach, I ask questions without steering or judging and you answer as a client. As a coach, I work with different methods that are appropriate for the respective issue. Coaching is an accompanying process that can include professional and private content. As a coach, I support you in your thinking process and am responsible for the entire coaching process. As a client, you are responsible for the content, your concerns.

What do you have of it,
that me is

With me as a systemic business and values coach, you or your team will act in solutions, not problems. Because only people, managers and teams who talk about solutions that talk about themselves and not about others are successful.

What will you achive by working with me

  • personal “development” and growth

  • Clarity and value-oriented leadership

  • Strengthening your decision-making competence and the ability to act

„I’m not saying it will be easy! I say it will be worth it! “

Arthur Williams

Was bedeutet Coaching für mich

Coaching bedeutet für mich persönlich, meinen Klienten gegenüber einem vertraulichen Raum mit Wertschätzung und emotionaler Unterstützung zu bieten, Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe zu führen, Ressourcenaktivierung als Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe zu betreiben und eine verantwortungsvolle Umsetzungsbegleitung zu gewährleisten.

Was kann ich besonders gut

  • Komplexe Probleme, Anliegen und Themen in einer immer komplexeren Welt zu „ent“wickeln
  • den Elefant gemeinsam mit Dir durch die Tür bekommen
  • herausfordernde Fragen zu stellen und meine Klienten die Antworten finden lassen

mein Wirkungsbereich

Ich begleite dich an den Rand deiner Komfortzone. Keine Angst, danach ist die Welt nicht zu Ende, sondern dort befindet sich deine Lernzone, dort beginnt dein persönliches Wachstum.
First meeting talk (20 min) – non-binding and virtual

You wont to…

  • … use your intuition even more than competence.

  • …make more decisions out of the stomach.

  • … live by your values, but does not know exactly which it are. 

  • … have your values (or this of your Team) determined. 

  • … that your department/your Team interior lights your values and lives outside. 

  • … that your Customer say: I can identify myself with these values. 

You will…

  • … remember and use intuition as your superpower. 

  • … understand why belly decisions are often the better decisions. 

  • … determine your personal values and learn to use them for better decisions in the private/professional area. 

  • … know your values (or those of your Team) and learn to use it positively. 

  • … be proud of yourself and your Department, Group or Team also.

  • … to gain your Customers on the basis of your personal values and learn to long-term binding. 


Key roles & competences

  • Intuistik® Value-Coach – DA VINCI 3000 GmbH Hürth

  • certified Systemic Business Coach – Quadriga University Berlin 

  • professional Speaker and VoiceOver Artist (Audiobooks/Voiceover productions)

  • Senior Retail Professional (35+ Jahre)

  • Senior Mentor/experienced Retail Store Manager and Coach 

  • experienced Retail Trainer/Concept Specialist 

  • solution-oriented, creative thinking, imagination, appreciative and supporting are important basic requirements in my work

as an experienced manager…

  • … I have done for many years in the Coaching-, Mentoring-, Change Management and Project areas of a Global Player within the Retail area. 

  • … with my open, open-friendly and committed way, it is easy to get in touch with my opposite eye level. 

  • … the experience from numerous contacts at home and abroad reached me a great human knowledge, down-to-equality and the importance of communication at equal level. 


most important values

Loyalty. respect, trust, love, freedom, appreciation, tolerance and intuition.

Orienting myself to these values ​​and living by them makes me happier. They show me my direction, without them I would be a compass without a needle.

My values ​​are what help me identify my priorities in both work and life. I always see my life as good and worth living when my decisions, my behavior and my lifestyle actually correspond to my values.

My personal values ​​have made my goals clear. They have helped me to recognize my true goals in life and to follow them.

You will perceive your life as ‘fitting you’ when your decisions and your behavior actually correspond to your values. It is therefore helpful that you determine your values ​​and align your life accordingly.

Values can relate to an individual, a group, a team, or an entire company.

In addition to personal values, the power of intuition plays an important role in my life. It is said that intuition is felt knowledge. Intuition is the talent to make a good decision the first time without explicitly understanding the underlying relationships.

In the area of ​​systemic leadership, intuition is seen as an essential characteristic for qualified management. Only when a manager is in good contact with himself and his employees will he be successful.

Intuition does not necessarily mean an immediate solution, it often helps to “sleep on it for a night”.

Get better results

Great things never came from comfort zones

It has always been a special concern of mine to connect people, processes and topics with one another and not to exclude one from the other.

Recognize existing strengths and combine them with one another. Identify and proactively work on potentials, jointly initiate solutions and anchor them sustainably in day-to-day business. Determine values ​​and, based on them, create a company, group or team culture and live this together in everyday life.

To explain complex issues in an understandable way, to separate the important from the unimportant.