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  • Your Coach
    for your company

  • your
    personal coach

  • your values
    and business coach

  • value coaching
    at eye level

How I support
as a coach

  • a valuable way of dealing with you, your department / team / group

  • a variety of other options and coherences

  • I help to recognize, expand and improve special (professional) skills

  • I offer ‘help for self-help’ and thereby strengthen decision-making processes

  • I support and strengthen the intuition of my clients – they say: it feels right, it is my idea and it creates a good behavior

  • I am the process expert, you are the content expert – you are the knowledgeable!

  • You will gain a deep and well-founded insight into the connection between systemic and value coaching

  • all perspectives (values, private, profession, origin, behavior etc.) are correct and are taken into account accordingly

  • Individual, departmental, team and group coaching

  • Personality, team and leadership development

  • 5 steps to value-oriented leadership – individual and executive coaching

  • Focus on values, value systems and intuition

  • Determination of values – introduction, personal exercise and evaluation

  • Sparring partner – rethinking, clarifying and adapting your personal goals or department, team and group goals

  • Ideas workshop – creative and realistic solutions and clear answers

  • Recognizing and strengthening one’s own understanding of roles

  • Walk & Talk Sessions – outdoor coaching / mentoring – common direction, perspective and speed


Cooperative, creative, together, moderated

  • Determination of values for individuals, departments, teams and groups

  • Positioning / change management

  • Ideas workshop

  • easy and pragmatic to use and implement in everyday work

  • goal and solution-oriented

  • honestly, in real time, bluntly and live


Personal, individual and success-oriented!

  • I am able to empathize with both roles (mentor / mentee)

  • I take the time for you and your development that you need

  • the ability to break down large mentoring goals into smaller goals

  • Support and open exchange

  • interested, open to new ideas, creative

  • ask open-ended questions and ask them at the right time

  • provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge

  • good communication skills are a basic requirement

  • contribute to your positive (further) development and self-awareness

  • encourage trying new things and strengthen my mentee’s initiative

  • I am at my mentee’s side with advice, information and guidance

  • Advising young talents on career issues

  • Cross-generational exchange – e.g. with young people and their upcoming career choice

  • like interdisciplinary exchange – use of approaches and ways of art of different disciplines