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Think outside the box

Do you think inside the box, outside the box or generally without a box? What kind of thinker are you?

Does the box help you to draw on your own wealth of experience or do you prefer to stay outside and within sight of your box? You might get a creative security, so to speak, a thinking trapezoid. When do you think your best, most helpful thoughts, what does it take? Have you ever thought about this, thought about it?

Personally, I constantly think about a lot and ultimately about too much. Thinking is like swinging, someone once said. You are in motion, but you do not get a step further. Why am I still thinking about everything possible and impossible? Thinking is first of all and viewed objectively, without any risks. Just through my thinking, nothing can go wrong, break or, on the contrary, work well.

How often have I found myself thinking that my thoughts tend to have negative connotations: what bad can happen; if I do this or that, it will certainly go wrong, what will the others think, that has never worked, etc. This is my own private little belief war. It will go wrong!

But what happens if I reverse this, recondition my thinking and thereby myself as well? How to do it, very simple. The next time I catch myself thinking negatively, I ask myself: how do I feel about it? After that I also ask myself: what evidence do I have that my negative thoughts will come true.

Now comes the point where I turn my beliefs into positive; e.g. if I do this or that, it will certainly work wonderfully and flawlessly. I will learn great things and my self-confidence is increasing day by day. Then I also ask myself: what evidence do I have for this? Then comes the final question: how do I feel now, with this positive thought?

This reversal of my old (negative) beliefs into a positive view and evaluation will lead to my inner attitude being positively strengthened and underpinned. It is easier for me to substantiate my thoughts positively and over the coming period, I will be able to substantiate this with positive experiences and results.

We have to think anyway. Why not positive right away?
Quote from Albert Einstein