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You are valuable!

There is a nice saying that goes like this: I measured it again: You are valuable!

Isn’t it just nice to read how such a sentence is as charming as it suddenly comes around the corner. You are precious, what does this mean to me? When I say this to someone or something, I mean: You or it is full of values, it is precious to me, I value the person or it. When I say: you are valuable, I also mean that you are dear to me and dear to me, I value you.

It is just as valuable to have such people around you, to be able to count in the best of cases to your circle of friends or family. Such people enrich me and my everyday life, they make it something special, they enhance it.

I wonder how often and when I last said to someone: You are precious to me. Is it perhaps easier for me to say or think this about material things? This jewelry is precious, this trip was precious, precious, this car is precious. How often do I confuse having for being? To have things, to afford and to define myself through them. Higher, further, faster, more valuable, more expensive, more valuable. The more I own, the more I am.

Which fallacy we are subject to here. Isn’t the precious thing in the little things, like a hug that comes from the heart, a short message that I am thinking of someone, just like that. Isn’t it valuable to be told by someone: it’s nice that you exist, to speak out and signal to the other … You are valuable to me!

We pay special attention to what is valuable, protect it, treat it well, look after it more than other things, we are proud. Maybe we should come back to saying to someone more often: You are valuable to me. To signal that this person has a special place in our life (private or professional) and thereby appreciate them. To say to him: it’s nice that you exist.

My own values ​​make me valuable!